Subsurface Applications Deep Dive Benchmark

The Subsurface Applications Benchmark provides an independent review of your subsurface tools, data and support model in comparison to industry peers

What is it?

The Subsurface Applications Benchmark looks at how Upstream Oil & Gas companies involved in Exploration and Production support their subsurface process from initial basin reconnaissance to field interventions and includes G&G, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling & Completions and Production.  It analyses the applications used by E&P companies for 20 complete subsurface workflows, how these workflows interact with corporate and project databases and licensing and support models adopted. The Benchmark provides a detailed analysis of the tools used and caters for Conventional and Unconventional workflows.

Data entry and reporting runs on a 3-month schedule. Your data will be evaluated against the current database of companies.

Who is it for?

The Subsurface Applications Benchmark was developed in partnership with subject matter experts from NDB Upstream and caters for companies of all sizes, from Super Major to small independents

As an organisation you are in the complex and costly business of exploring and producing oil and gas in any major basin around the globe

As an individual you are probably within the IT function and involved in strategic planning, management or performance improvement, motivated to ensure that IT maximises the value added in partnership with the business.

Why participate?

Make informed choices based on better understanding of the facts
  • Inform support and software delivery issues and new application strategies
  • Toolkit Rationalisation, switching off licences and standardisation
  • Optimise toolset and data management support structure
  • Validate toolset and data fitness for purpose
Get ideas and innovation from best-in-class performers
  • Understand changing behaviours and trends across peers
  • Obtain an objective review of subsurface applications marketplace with licencing, geography and play type detail
  • Compare notes and ideas with Subject Matter Peers
Subsurface Applications Deep Dive Benchmark

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