What We Do

Aupec offer a range of consultancy and training services:

Petroleum Economics. Delivering unmatched skills, experience and expertise in fiscal regime design and analysis, project economics, mergers and acquisitions, portfolio optimisation and beyond.

Benchmarking. Peer review your IT organisation to better understand its efficiency, effectiveness and complexity.  Supporting companies that see the business benefits of benchmarking to generate real performance improvement activity.

Activation is a key requirement for effective benchmarking and without it companies lose opportunities to deliver improvements in value.

How we benchmark

Aupec's benchmarking products are adopted by the energy industry as a tool to measure business complexity and enhance performance in critical areas.  These benchmarks are typically run during the first half of the calendar year to ensure insights are available in time to support your decision-making processes for the annual business planning cycle and budget setting.

Aupec’s benchmarks allow comparison against known peer companies of similar type, size and complexity, providing detailed reports and recommendations on where to focus efforts to improve economic performance and productivity.  The annual cycle and rigorous process allows participant companies to monitor, validate, and correct assumptions and adapt their strategies (and the benchmark itself) over time. The benchmark and associated delivery framework are designed to ensure that no legal or competitive issues arise.

This enables better decision making through a more complete understanding of information in context, and stimulates ideas and innovation driven by best-in-class performers.  It also helps to stimulate and inform value conversations between CIOs, IT Leadership and teams, and the business groups they support.

Aupec supports, maintains and develops the benchmarking framework in accordance with the collective requirements of our clients, facilitates the collaborative process needed to deliver the benchmark, and shares the associated analysis and results with each participant.

Aupec’s role in the benchmarking process:

  • Facilitate the process of collaborative benchmarking
  • Train users in all aspects of the benchmark
  • Collect, store and manage the data needed for the benchmark
  • Audit the data provided for the benchmark
  • Analyse, present and discuss the benchmark results

Participants benefit from:

  • Secure web-based data capture systems with detailed model definitions
  • Data auditing to ensure data is high quality
  • Experienced team of benchmarking consultants
  • On-site assistance for training and presentation of results
  • Workshops for development of benchmarking models and sharing of best practice

Petroleum Economic Modelling. Training courses that walk you through the fundamentals of petroleum economic modelling, delivered by an experienced instructor who can facilitate interaction and responses at every level with a “hands on” or theoretical approach.

Organisational development. Positioning your company for optimal performance is an elusive goal. Through facilitated workshops and consultancy, Aupec can help you ensure your team are performing at their peak.

Oil and gas commercial. Equipping you with insight and analysis on complex strategic challenges such as investment appraisal, strategy, transaction support and commercial services.

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What We Do

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What We Do

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