Ad hoc Surveys (Miniblinds)

Miniblinds provide prompt answers to burning questions you have on a specific topic of interest.

What is it?

An Aupec Miniblind is an ad hoc survey tailored to your exact needs, executed promptly to deliver results within a short timeframe. It will answer specific and focused questions that meet a targeted need and often includes sensitive information that cannot be shared directly. Aupec will work closely with you to develop an effective and appropriate suite of questions. Aupec takes care of the marketing process on your behalf to achieve the greatest possible number of participants and the highest level of quality and relevance. Results are typically available in weeks rather than months and provided to all who take part.

Who is it for?

Miniblinds can be requested by any company, typically being mid to large sized integrated, Upstream or Downstream oil and gas companies.

As an organisation you are in the complex and costly business of discovering, obtaining, producing, refining, or distributing oil and gas, often with a large geographical spread of operations.

As an individual you are probably within the IT function and involved in strategic planning, management or performance improvement.  You want a quick answer to a specific topic / set of questions.

Why participate?

Make informed choices based on better understanding of the facts
  • Answers to specific questions to a key IT topic of relevance to your company
  • Understand your position compared with peers
Get ideas and innovation from best-in-class performers
  • Understand changing behaviours and technology adoption trends across peers
  • Monitor, validate and correct assumptions and adjust over time
  • Ongoing strategic partnership and support from Aupec throughout the process
  • Continuous improvement of the IT function – Plan, Do, Check, Act (and repeat)
Ad hoc Surveys (Miniblinds)

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