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Core Disciplines

Our core disciplines include:

  • Policy - International energy policy and taxation
  • Fiscal - Financial modelling and investment appraisal
  • Economic - Economic forecasting, modelling and risk assessment
  • Legal - Production Sharing Contract negotiation
  • Training - Training & knowledge transfer programs


Aupec and Professor Alex Kemp are committed to working with governments around the world to assist in the determination and application of energy policies.

In the UK Professor Kemp sits on the Council of Economic Advisors to the Scottish Government and has been a specialist advisor on various Energy Select Committees to the UK Parliament. He was also a member of the Independent Energy Advisory Panel to the UK Minister of Energy, where he contributed widely on policy issues.

He and Aupec have advised governments worldwide on the development and administration of their energy and mineral resources by providing the financial expertise, legal knowledge, capacity building tools, and training necessary to build confidence and sustain growth.

We employ a holistic approach centred on a belief that effective energy policies must address issues at an individual, country and global level. The challenge for Governments in the 21st century is to create policies that benefit society, nurture growth, protect the environment and encourage sustainable development. The question of energy security and the evolution of a new ‘economy of oil’ will shape the policies of both consumers and producers in the years to come.

We tackle many policy areas by relating strategic vision and goals to the underlying legislative framework. Good regulation and efficient administration is then the vital ingredient that connects the two. New policies must be informed by the regulatory and legal framework and must be supported by legislative and administrative capacity.

Our ability to implement change by building local teams, developing management tools, and recruiting and training staff has put us at the forefront of creative knowledge based consultants who believe that theoretical argument must be followed by practical implementation.

Aupec engages at every point in the pyramid – reviewing and critiquing petroleum laws and contracts, designing and implementing new administrative processes and procedures, and advising on new policies and government strategies.

Policy pyramid