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Participating in Aupec's Technical Computing Benchmark

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Technical Computing Benchmark

Aupec's Technical Computing Benchmark is a drill-down of our Global E&P upstream benchmark into the more detailed examination of IT costs and business value associated with the process of hydrocarbon identification and determination.

Technical Computing is defined as the manpower, software and infrastructure used by upstream operators to support the various processes involved in exploration and production. These processes vary from company to company but generally include Geology, Geophysics, Petrophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling and Data Management.

Aupec staff audit and analyse data from unique industry peer groups to report on performance in absolute and relative terms highlighting performance, organisational model and technological profile and opportunities for improvement.

This benchmark allows technical computing managers to understand

  • where performance improvement attention should be focused
  • whether support organisations are the right size and configuration and
  • whether the technical computing strategy and the profile of the technology in place are appropriate for the company’s business strategy

Aupec's benchmarking reports provide clients with reliable and robust metrics based on high quality, up-to-date data.

Clients receive a report that presents:

  • Detailed information on their own spend, manpower, and technology for sub-surface technical computing and compares it to that of peers and competitors
  • A number of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which can be tracked from year to year to measure progress both internally and against industry peers

The Technical Computing Benchmark allows you to:

  • Obtain an overall assessment of performance and effectiveness in technical computing
  • Understand the latest industry costs of supporting technical computing
  • Gain an insight into the costs associated with applications and infrastructure that their peers are using to deliver technical computing services.

Aupec’s Technical Computing Benchmark model was built and evolves through close collaboration with technical experts from participating E&P companies of all sizes to ensure that:

  • The benchmark data model and definitions are up-to-date and easily understood.
  • Key performance indicators are fit for purpose

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