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Integrated Oil and Gas Company IT Benchmark

The Integrated Oil & Gas IT Benchmark was established in 2009 as Aupec began working for the first time with six of the world’s largest integrated oil and gas companies. The benchmark analyses in full the IT spend and sourcing for all major business elements of integrated oil and gas companies, comprising:

  • Enterprise
  • Upstream
  • Downstream
  • Corporate (HR, Finance and Other Business Support)
  • R&D
  • Trading (Oil, Gas and Power)

The benchmark provides:

  • Indicators of how efficient and effective an IT organisation is in the following service areas:
    • IT Management
    • Applications Software (including analysis of ERP spend)
    • IT Service Desk
    • IT Infrastructure (including Desktop Service, Hosting, Storage and Backup, Networks and Communications)
  • Accurate comparisons with other integrated oil and gas companies of similar size and complexity
  • Detailed reports providing recommendations on where to focus efforts to improve economic performance and opportunities to improve productivity or reduce costs

The Integrated Oil and Gas Company IT Benchmark will allow the CIO and IT Leadership Team to:

  • Obtain a complete enterprise level view of your IT spending compared to your energy sector peers.
  • Understand the effectiveness and efficiency performance of your major operating segments.
  • Focus on IT performance of your corporate services groups – HR and Finance
  • Utilise the benchmark as a platform to prioritise your enterprise IT improvement plans
  • Gain an understanding of the applications and infrastructure strategies which underpin IT efficiency and effectiveness.

The benchmarking model can be used for large integrated oil and gas companies – super majors, national oil companies, and for upstream or downstream comparisons only. Detailed line of business analysis is also available for Upstream (Exploration, Development and Production) and Downstream (Supply & Distribution, Shipping, Refining, Lubricants, Marketing and Retail.)