Aupec - Benchmarking - IT Spend Analysis

IT Spend Analysis

IT Spend Analysis for Upstream oil and gas companies based around the North Sea is a high-level Upstream IT Benchmark for a simple view of your IT Spend.

This benchmark will provide a number of key performance indicators for IT management which analyses topics such as IT service efficiency, effectiveness, intensity of IT spend and IT penetration.

It benefits clients by providing indicators of how efficient or effective their IT organisation is in areas such as applications software and infrastructure. This is achieved through accurate comparisons with other oil and gas companies of similar size and complexity.

Clients will receive reports that provide recommendations on how they can further improve economic performance, which in turn provide opportunities for improving productivity or reducing costs.

Industry feedback

David Rose, Benchmarking Director at Aupec presented this benchmark at the ‘UK Oil and Gas Heads of IT Meeting in London, April 2012. Positive response from senior IT professionals for a benchmark comparing IT Spend among UKCS operators led to the formation of this group.

We are continually adding new members to this group with more companies signing up for this high-level benchmark in 2013 and 2014.

We invite oil and gas companies based around the North Sea to leverage Aupec’s database of information and unique model to gain a quick industry view on their IT Spend.

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