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ERP SAP Benchmark

A company's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is fundamental to its effective management but it can also be very expensive, so it is vital to ensure that it is supported and maintained efficiently and effectively.

Aupec’s ERP SAP Benchmark benefits clients by providing a view of ERP and particularly SAP performance in terms of cost, efficiency, service quality, technology landscape, business processes and usage. Analysis is provided at Enterprise level and for major lines of business such as Corporate Functions, Upstream and Downstream.


“The Benchmark will not only help us set our strategy, it will be used as fact based data to justify our strategy”

“This has given us a view of our environment in a way we have never had before. We can see our data, environment and how we compare in one holistic view”

“This Benchmark has been one of the most complete of which we have taken part of, providing us different visions about our SAP systems management performance regarding spending, technology, sourcing or complexity. It has allowed us to deeply know the reality of our systems and processes compared to others, preparing us to establish an improvement path to follow based on the characteristics of the Top Performers.”

Benchmark Scope

Benchmark Scope

In addition to ERP SAP Spending there are dimensions to analyse the following aspects of ERP SAP environments:

  • Evolution examines the landscape and consolidation journey over a 5 year period
  • Business Process Coverage examines how SAP is deployed across common business processes
  • The cost drivers for ERP and SAP are examined in terms of Complexity, Technology Landscape and Sourcing Mix
  • Operational differences are viewed through the Maintenance> and Change and Release Management modules
  • Finally, the Projects module provides analysis of project performance and project management governance and maturity

ERP SAP Benchmark Clients will gain:

  • Understanding of relative position versus peer and competitor companies
  • Realistic ERP SAP performance improvement targets
  • Understanding your SAP system landscape for future planning
  • A clear view of efficiencies and improvement areas within your ERP SAP organisation
  • Analysis of ERP and SAP spending profiles at Enterprise and major line of business levels
  • Alignment of your company’s technical landscape and spend with company goals
  • Potential to optimise your current technologies and capabilities

Aupec's ERP SAP Database

  • The Aupec ERP SAP Benchmarking Study was developed in 2014. The benchmark is designed to apply to oil and gas companies – integrated, upstream or downstream
  • Aupec completed its first cycle in 2014 with 10 integrated oil and gas companies submitting comprehensive datasets

ERP SAP Benchmark Packages

  • ERP SAP Foundation Benchmark: This benchmarking package covers the analysis of ERP and SAP Spending, Sourcing, User Complexity and Business Process Coverage. Aupec would recommend this package as the key cornerstone of any ERP SAP Benchmarking which then can be further augmented with the Business and Technology Perspectives to provide a fuller benchmarking analysis.
  • ERP SAP Business Perspective Benchmark: This benchmarking package provides analysis of the ERP Systems Evolution, Change and Release Management, Maintenance and Project/Project Management Performance.
  • ERP SAP Technology Perspective Benchmark: This benchmarking package provides in depth analysis of the Technology Landscape, Systems Evolution, SAP Modules in Use and analysis of System Level Data.

The three separate benchmarking packages can be combined in any permutation.

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