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Specialist Expertise

Our specialists have expertise in following fields:

  • international petroleum law
  • education and learning
  • downstream economics
  • development economics
  • international finance and accounting
  • human resource management
  • tax administration
  • health, safety and the environment
  • petroleum engineering
  • supply chain management
  • petroleum geology
  • energy privatisation
  • project management
  • asset management
  • environmental & renewable energies


Tom Cross

Tom Cross is chairman of Aupec Ltd and Executive Chairman of our parent company – The Parkmead Group. Mr Cross, a petroleum engineer and economist to training, has held senior positions with Conoco, Thomson North Sea, Louisiana Land and Exploration and was Director of Engineering at the UK Petroleum Innovation Institute. He was the founder and Chief Executive of Dana Petroleum until its acquisition by the Korean National Oil Company in 2010. Mr Cross is a former chairman of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, an advisor to BBC Radio on oil affairs and a former chairman of BRINDEX (The Association of British Independent Oil Companies).

Professor Alex Kemp
Non-Executive Director

Alexander G. Kemp is a director and founder of Aupec Ltd. He is also currently Professor of Economics at the University of Aberdeen. He previously worked for Shell, the University of Strathclyde and the University of Nairobi. For many years he has specialised in his research in petroleum economics with special reference to licensing and petroleum taxation issues. He has published over 200 books and papers in this field, including Petroleum Rent Collection around the World, Institute for Research on Public Policy (Canada). He was awarded the OBE for services to the oil and gas industry in 2006.

David Rose

David Rose is a director and co-founder of Aupec Ltd. He worked with Professor Kemp during the 1980s on the University of Aberdeen oil and gas economics research programme. He was instrumental in developing Aupec’s economic modelling and forecasting expertise through the creation of a suite of computerised economic cash flow models. He became Aupec’s first executive director in 1986. Since 2000 he has directed Aupec’s benchmarking services which particularly focuses on IT benchmarks for major integrated, upstream and downstream oil & gas companies.