Aupec - About Aupec - Our People

Specialist Expertise

Our specialists have expertise in following fields:

  • international petroleum law
  • education and learning
  • downstream economics
  • development economics
  • international finance and accounting
  • human resource management
  • tax administration
  • health, safety and the environment
  • petroleum engineering
  • supply chain management
  • petroleum geology
  • energy privatisation
  • project management
  • asset management
  • environmental & renewable energies

Our People

Aupec has a core team of professional economists and benchmarking analysts based in Aberdeen.

In addition we make use of a global network of independent consultants with country-specific technical and legal expertise.

These consultants come from a mixture of industry, academic and government backgrounds and have an in-depth understanding of the issues facing governments and companies striving for economic growth.

We believe that Aupec offers clients a unique range and scope of expertise.