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Feb 2013

The Subsurface Applications Benchmark will give better insights in 2013

Aupec and NDB (New Digital Business) have announced the launch of the new and improved Subsurface Applications Benchmark (SAB) in first quarter of 2013. Building off of the success of the SAB in 2011 and 2012, the team is back with some exciting new features.

The study will identify applications used for 20 workflows (which have been redefined and definitions improved). The model is updated to include

One New Workflow: Drilling & Development Engineering (Workflow 16) from 2011 has been split in to two individual Workflows, these being: (i) Drilling & Completion and (ii) Development Engineering – Well Intervention.

Improved Sourcing Model: In the Support area, costs are now collected for subsurface people as well as the numbers. This will allow the evaluation of the average cost per individual against others. This is the new addition in the Support area.

Extensive interaction and feedback sessions with over 20 major E&P companies who participated in this benchmark helped build new features into the model and improve the reporting structure for 2013.

An Executive Summary developed by subsurface industry experts will precede the final report. This will detail the industry overview and highlight participant companies’ key results.

Surveys undertaken in 2011 and 2012 have created an important database covering over 20 major E&P companies. This has also provided repeat participants with an opportunity to see trending of their results over time.

For more information see Subsurface Applications Benchmark

If you are interested in participating in this benchmark and gaining insights from data that has never been shared before on the E&P industry's applications preferences, please email

Subsurface Applications Benchmark
This is an independent, anonymous benchmark review of the subsurface applications toolkit, datastores, data management tools and support models currently in use. Participants will gain a clear understanding of how their tools, datastores and support structure fit in a peer group of companies. Launched in late 2011 for the first time, SAB is a unique product developed by combining the benchmarking expertise at Aupec with technical inputs from NDB.