Aupec - Valuation - Services

Valuation Clients

Aupec Valuation clients incude:

  • Atlantic Resources
  • Brown & Root
  • CNPC
  • Dominion Gas
  • Elf Exploration
  • Exxon
  • J P Kenny
  • Marathon Oil
  • Mobil North Sea
  • Phillips Petroleum
  • Royal Bank of Scotland/Midland Valley Exploration
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Shell
  • Strachan and Henshaw

Valuation Services

Our core team of petroleum economists is based in Aberdeen and we can call on a wide range of petroleum industry skills to create a bespoke team as required for specific projects, including geology & geophysics, reservoir & petroleum engineering and petroleum industry planning & tax technicians.

For example, for an upstream asset evaluation a client may require independent technical assessment of data room information to determine the likely remaining reserves in place or future projected production profiles; an assessment of expected future investment and operating and decommissioning costs and a rigorous economic analysis which would include the effect of all taxes on the asset.

To undertake this work we would bring together a team comprising reservoir engineers or geologists to undertake a geotechnical analysis of the reservoir; petroleum engineers to supply cost analysis and petroleum economists to undertake the economic and taxation analysis.

Clients receive succinct executive level reporting backed up with in depth technical analysis.