Aupec - Training


Aupec has a long and established history of training oil and gas industry specialists.

Our academic heritage makes us a natural provider of lifetime learning opportunities and continuing education. We strongly believe that individuals should have the opportunity to make the most of their abilities and fulfil their academic potential. This attitude permeates all areas of our work.

We host tailored training programmes for employees of government agencies, commercial oil companies and other related energy organisations. These programmes can be delivered, either at our offices in Aberdeen or at any other location worldwide.

Aupec is also involved in the development and teaching of academic programmes, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in the UK and abroad.

For example, we retain strong links with the University of Aberdeen and are committed to working with them to:

  • develop new methods of training
  • supply part-time lecturing services to the University,
  • provide work experience and career opportunities to new graduates, and
  • sponsor academic research into energy matters.