Aupec - Training - Academic


Aupec can provide support for academic programmes both in the UK and abroad.

We are involved in teaching selected University of Aberdeen academic programmes and are working with the University to develop a modularised teaching programme for their accredited Oil and Gas Enterprise Management MSC (OGEM). This innovative MSc is taught by a combination of University staff and external professionals. The modular programme will enable students to study in a flexible way and build credits towards a full post-graduate MSc qualification. The course is aimed specifically at those in full-time employment, and is being further developed as a distance-learning programme. Our combined aim is to offer top class oil and gas sector training to a wide audience of students and to make the training experience as accessible as possible though online and distance learning materials.

Aupec staff have also lectured on "Resource Issues in the Middle East and Caspian", as part of Aberdeen University’s M.Litt in Middle East Security.

In Angola Aupec is working in partnership with Agostinho Neto University (ANU), BP and the University of Aberdeen to support the ANU LLM degree and assist in the future development of the programme. This degree is funded by BP for three years.

Our association with academic organisations enables us to ensure that the knowledge we pass on to clients is firmly rooted in academic excellence and intellectual rigour. In turn, the academic organisations that we work with benefit from our commercial expertise and international experience.