Aupec - Petroleum Economics

Core Disciplines

Our core disciplines include:

  • Policy - International energy policy and taxation
  • Fiscal - Financial modelling and investment appraisal
  • Economic - Economic forecasting, modelling and risk assessment
  • Legal - Production Sharing Contract negotiation
  • Training - Training & knowledge transfer programs


Aupec is a global presence in the field of energy economics. The company’s founder, Professor Alexander Kemp, is the world’s leading petroleum economics and fiscal expert, and an acclaimed academic who has published over 160 books and papers in this field. In 2006 he was awarded an OBE at Buckingham Palace by the Queen for his services to the energy industry.

For over 20 years Aupec has advised commercial companies and government departments on energy issues. Our independent and practical approach to problem solving, which is based on years of experience and an ingrained academic heritage, has given us a reputation for quality, rigour and professionalism. We understand the consequences of petroleum development, and recognise the economic impact of petroleum, in a world of competing energy demands and global environmental concerns:

  • We offer the energy community a blend of creative consultancy and intellectual capacity that allows us to provide companies with optimal solutions and high quality advice on petroleum economic issues
  • We offer emerging countries our accumulated knowledge and experience of economic development and transitional growth, to help petro-dollar states become global partners
  • Training and knowledge transfer programmes are integral to the delivery of our economics services