Aupec - Benchmarking - Subsurface Applications Benchmark

Further Information

Workflows to be studied:

  • Petroleum Systems Analysis
  • Play Fairway Analysis
  • Mapping
  • Well Petrophysics
  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Geology Interpretation
  • Structural Compartmentalisation
  • Reservoir Characterisation
  • Seismic Acquisition
  • Seismic Processing
  • Quantitative Interpretation - Seismic
  • Quantitative Interpretation - Wells
  • Static Modelling
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Well Planning
  • Drilling and Completion
  • Well Testing
  • Economic and Reserves Evaluation
  • Production Systems Modelling
  • Development Engineering – Well Intervention

Download SAB Information pack for further details and example results

Subsurface Applications Benchmark


Do you want to compare, validate and benchmark your Upstream Applications Toolkit with industry peers?

If the answer is yes, then you should consider participating in the Subsurface Applications Benchmark

The benchmark was first launched in 2011 having been jointly developed by Aupec and NDB (New Digital Business)

The benchmark will tell you the following:

  • Which applications are used by E&P companies for 20 complete subsurface workflows
  • How these workflows impact on and are supported by databases, both corporate and project
  • How E&P companies support the subsurface process

SAB 2015 What's new?

Enhanced Data Entry

Enhanced Data Entry
  • Unconventional vs. Conventional workflows
  • Updated Support Model
  • Smart search – tool tips
  • Clearer workflow definitions and updated tool-list

Enhanced Reporting

Enhanced Reporting
  • Peer Group Reporting
  • Improved report interpretation
  • Improved readability
  • Cloud versus traditional delivery ratio
  • Internal business unit reporting

Subscription Benefits

Subscription Benefits
  • On demand reporting
  • Virtualised User Group
  • Prioritisation of SAB development
  • Value for money


  • Sign up at anytime
  • Data collection is estimated to take a few days of a senior E&P data manager’s time
  • AUPEC will provide you with a report against the latest database
  • AUPEC require a two/three week window from data submission to produce your report
  • If you are interested in participation – please email us on