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Participating in Aupec's Pure Play Upstream IT Benchmark

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Pure Play Upstream IT Benchmark

Pure Play Upstream IT Benchmark is an IT management tool that provides important economic performance indicators (or key performance indicators - KPIs) on the IT services of upstream oil and gas companies.

It benefits clients by providing indicators of how efficient or effective their IT organisation is in areas such as applications software, applications hosting, desktop computing & networks and communications services. This is achieved through accurate comparisons with other oil and gas companies of similar size and complexity. Clients receive reports that provide recommendations on how they can further improve economic performance, which in turn provide opportunities for improving productivity or reducing costs.

Aupec's benchmarking reports provide clients with reliable and robust metrics based on high quality, up-to-date data collected from unique industry peer groups. Reports are customised to the client's requirements.

Measure the efficiency of your IT applications and infrastructure support

  • Aupec has worked with many major and independent oil companies over the past 15 years and designed key performance indicators that work.
  • Executive reporting systems have been developed to provide senior management with the key messages in terms that they understand.
  • Rigorous gap and root-cause analysis pinpoints where action should be taken.

Compare with companies in the same oil and gas peer group

  • Aupec has clients from all major upstream provinces from the super majors to the independents.
  • Our databases provide a unique resource that has been rigorously audited to ensure we're comparing like with like.
  • We carefully select peer companies to ensure your organisation is compared to similar E&P companies in the same location.

Know whether your organisation's IT investment is out of line with industry trends

  • Aupec's IT benchmarks carefully distinguish between operating and investment expenditures.
  • This allows us to explain how your investment spending compares for applications and infrastructure - even down to the PC environment or WAN/Data.
  • Aupec's Pure Play Upstream IT Benchmark provides a holistic and detailed service line analysis - it's really a comprehensive IT Benchmark.

Be part of a unique club and share experiences with other upstream IT professionals

  • Aupec have been running workshops to discuss benchmarking results and to identify best practices for over ten years.
  • Aupec workshops are held several times during the year and are designed to give you insights just in time for your budgeting cycle.
  • Venues for Aupec workshops are typically Calgary, Houston, London, Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur.

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