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Participating in Aupec's 'Pure Play' Downstream IT Benchmark

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Pure Play Downstream IT Benchmark

In conjunction with some of the world’s largest integrated oil and gas companies, Aupec have introduced a new Downstream IT Benchmarking model in 2010. The Pure Play Downstream IT Benchmark is used by companies around the world as an IT management tool to provide crucial economic performance indicators and analysis on the IT services of their downstream business.

Our new model builds on our original Pure Play Downstream benchmarking model and provides much more business process granularity, with all the key business lines now included:

  • Supply and Distribution
  • Shipping
  • Refining/Manufacturing
  • Lubricants
  • Marketing
  • Retail

Aupec can provide detailed downstream IT benchmarks focusing on each or a selection of these sub-lines of business along with benchmarks focusing on IT for HR and Finance within Downstream. For each sub-line of business IT metrics are provided for a consistent IT Service Line model which includes: IT management, applications software, hosting, desktop computing, storage and backup, IT service desk, and networks and communications. Efficiency and effectiveness measures are presented per Line of Business and per Service Line.

We also hold benchmarking information on Trading and R&D

Accurate comparisons are made with other similar types of downstream oil companies, typically for a large area such as Europe or USA or even globally. The measurements are specific to downstream companies - for example, IT Spend per Sales Volume (barrels of oil products). Clients receive reports that provide recommendations on how they can further improve economic performance, which in turn provide opportunities to improve productivity or reduce costs.

Aupec's benchmarking reports provide clients with reliable and robust metrics based on high quality, up-to-date data collected from unique industry peer groups. Reports are customised to the client's requirements.

Measure the efficiency of your IT applications and infrastructure support

  • Aupec has worked with many major and independent oil companies over the past 15 years and designed key performance indicators that work
  • Executive reporting systems have been developed to provide senior management with the key messages in terms that they understand
  • Rigorous gap and root-cause analysis pinpoints where action should be taken

Benefits of participation

  • Health-check your IT expenditure in a competitive context
  • Relate IT expenditure to business performance
  • Focus on areas for improvement
  • Feed action and strategy plans / support fact-based improvement programs/ set meaningful targets
  • Promote understanding of IT performance throughout your business

Measuring IT Performance

  • Measurement effects change. Our clients increase their knowledge and understanding of their IT expenditure. This has supported initiatives to modify habits and achieve better utilisation of available IT resources.
  • Aupec's Pure Play Downstream IT Benchmark provides an overall economic assessment at a high level with the detail to input usefully to the formulation of plans to support your business

Aupec partnering for performance improvement

  • We actively encourage client collaboration, which supports the ongoing development and refinement of Aupec benchmarks and definitions.
  • Peer networking opportunities are standard to the delivery, with client companies sharing knowledge and experience of participation benefits, in addition to current challenges and achievements.

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