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Our Partners


Our partners enterpriseIQ have created proprietary benchmarking tools to help companies assess how effectively their information and technology is managed and how well their people use information to achieve strategic goals and superior business results. Aupec and enterpriseIQ routinely collaborate to bring their respective services to the attention of major international businesses requiring top class IT and information benchmarking services.

Innovation Value Institute

The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) has developed a sophisticated IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF). Aupec and IVI collaborated in the application of several of the IT-CMF critical process modules for a major oil and gas industry IT benchmarking study in 2010. Aupec and our partners IVI continue to collaborate to bring leading edge IT management tools and innovative IT benchmarking solutions to our respective clienteles.

NDB (New Digital Business)

Our association with NDB started with the creation of the first ever Subsurface Applications Benchmark (SAB) Model in 2011. NDB provided the technical insights about subsurface applications workflows, data management and database systems. Aupec provided the benchmarking expertise and host a secure online data capture system. We have had much success since its inception and are all set to launch the SAB 2013.

Rossway Management Consulting

Aupec’s partner Rossway Management Consulting specialise in business process improvement and consulting for improvement of projects, teams and performance assessment. Principle members of both companies have been involved in the development of global IT benchmarking studies for international oil and gas companies. Aupec now specialises in IT benchmarking for the oil and gas sector. Our partners Rossway Management Consulting can provide valuable consulting services to assist Aupec clients with the change processes required to obtain benefits from IT benchmarking assignments.