Aupec - About Aupec - Our Approach


Aupec are:

  • Independent global advisers in energy economics
  • Partners multi-national companies, governments and development agencies
  • Providing practical bespoke tools for fact-based decision making

Our Approach

Our unique approach has placed us at the forefront of creative economic consulting.

We are frequently retained by governments to advise on:

  • the economics and negotiation of petroleum contracts,
  • the reform or establishment of regulatory systems,
  • how best to manage, monitor, and audit the flow of state oil revenues.

Our understanding of the impact that primary energy sources have on new or emerging oil based economies has put us in a unique position to assist countries managing the transition to a petrodollar based economy.

Aupec has a strong international presence. Our experts work extensively in the emerging oil and gas economies of Africa, Russia, Europe and the Far East. We have advised governments and companies from countries and provinces as diverse as Angola, Sao Tome, Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago, Greenland, Alaska, Norway, Australia, Azerbaijan, Liberia, Venezuela, Colombia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.