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Nov 2011

Aupec and NDB launch the first ever Subsurface Applications Benchmark

The Subsurface Applications Benchmark is a unique model built to answer some pressing questions facing Upstream Technology Managers and Subsurface Team Leaders of leading E&P companies. This “light touch” study is being sponsored by a large global upstream player and is being produced with the technical support of NDB (New Digital Business Ltd).

Integrated and upstream oil and gas companies will be invited to compare, validate and benchmark their upstream applications toolkit with industry peers. The study will identify applications used for the complete oilfield lifecycle from exploration to production monitoring.

This benchmark will examine three main areas:

1. Which applications are used by E&P companies for 19 specific subsurface workflows

2. How these workflows impact on and are supported by databases, both corporate and project

3. How E&P companies support the subsurface process

Insights from the study will help participating companies to plan their subsurface applications strategy for 2012/13. The study results will support their budgeting, sourcing and purchasing decisions. The results can help uncover hidden efficiencies and improvement areas within the subsurface technology environment. The benchmark results will also empower them to align company IT architecture and spend with company goals.

Aupec has seen strong interest from the oil and gas community to participate in this benchmark given the flexibility it offers to sign up at any time and provide multiple observations if required.

For more information see Subsurface Applications Benchmark

If you are interested in participating in this new benchmark and gaining insights from data that has never been shared before on the E&P industry's applications preferences, please email